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Ultrafab Industrial Brush Seals & Brush Seal Components
We are experts at designing and manufacturing ultrasonically welded specialty brushes ranging from passive ionization to light shielding, filtering and cleaning


  • ULTRAFAB brush seals reduce air, water, dirt, noise and vibration
  • Our brush seals improve air quality by resisting mold, mildew and bacteria
  • Notches/punches/cut to length features
  • Mitered corners
  • Step-pile offers different bristle heights on the same brush
  • Inside or outside fin placement available
  • Adhesive backed products for press-and-stick applications
  • Available in kiss cut on a reel

To order or for options on Ultrafab brush seals and brush seal components call our Sales and Marketing Division 585-924-2186

ULTRAFAB's expertise is always available. We can work with you to custom design prototype products or configurations

Our unique manufacturing methods provide you with capabilities and versatility you can't find anywhere else. Our engineering staff can use all these capabilities to help you redesign or design new products

Tight tolerances are a specialty at ULTRAFAB. That's why you are assured of consistent, top quality products


To order or for options on pile heights, densities, backing widths and colors call our Sales and Marketing Division 585-924-2186