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UltraGlide® Bulb Seals
Low surface friction TPE
Specially formulated for low friction applications. Ultrafab bulb seals do not stretch, shrink or leave tails after insertion into lineals

  • Extremely low surface friction
  • Easy to clean, dust/dirt wipe off easily
  • AAMA 702-92 rating
  • Superior compression set resistance and weatherability
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Unmatched wear resistance
  • There is no extruded coating to wear off; there are no beads of polyolefin to reduce the effective sealing area
  • Specially formulated TPE is throughout the bulb wall for excellent operating performance and long life
  • NOTE: Our UltraGlide® seal formulation can be used on all our standard TPE/PP seals



To order or for options on Ultrafab brush seals and brush seal components call our Sales and Marketing Division 585-924-2186