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  Passive Static Eliminator
  with variable resistance

Manufactured with 35-micron thick filaments of conductive acrylic fiber VariStat™offers many advantages:

  • Elimination of conductive fiber breakage
  • Substantial increase in pullout values
  • Custom designed...controllable resistivity
  • Extremely durable, the longest lasting brushes available
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • Fast prototype services
  • Guaranteed, dependable quality


Choose from the following options:

  • Bracket - aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, or use the adhesive to secure to a substrate or bracket
  • Adhesive - single or double sided acrylic PSA for long life in ozone filled environment
  • Brush Length - .500 inches to 48 inches, also available in lineal form
  • Brush Fiber Height - .440 inches to 2 inches, including adhesive strip
  • Multiple Bundles - three to eight fiber bundles per inch depending on desired performance
  • Multiple Filaments - twenty to one hundred sixty fibers per bundle
  • Performance - low (<200 Ohm), medium (200 to 400 Ohm) or high (>500 Ohm) resistance (see graph at left for variables)


Non-Contact Ionization
Initial charge of 10 kv with media speed @ 1000 FPM

UltraStat™ compared to...

  • stainless steel static eliminators
  • carbon static eliminators


To order or for options on pile heights, densities, backing widths and colors call our Sales and Marketing Division 585-924-2186