Sliding Track Seals

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Custom designed and built seals for passenger or storage enclosure areas. The inner glide strip allows for smooth movement of the window or panel at a lower coefficient of friction than traditional flocked rubber.


Operation Force/Breakaway Force

Low surface energy glide strip reduces resistance, while soft non-woven weatherseals provide an excellent seal with very low friction.

Air Infiltration/Water Penetration

Custom profiles provide structural integrity and consistency, assuring a tight air seal and barrier to water penetration. Drainage channels and weep holes also provide effective water management.


Unique ultrasonic welding process and 100% polypropylene construction provide a unified assembly that won’t break apart during fabrication or while in use and is 55% lighter than flocked rubber seals.

Additional Benefits

  • Custom designs offer flexibility in meeting unique sealing requirements
  • Seal integrity around corner radiuses is maintained for multiple glass thickness
  • Sealing system helps offset weight issues associated with uninsulated glass units
  • Adhesive-free fiber attachment maximizes seal life even under weight stress
  • 100% recyclable

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