Test Lab

Take advantage of Ultrafab’s value-added service - our free of charge test lab - to perform a variety of tests on windows, doors, and sub assemblies. Ultrafab’s state-of-the-art Test Lab conducts pre-certification air and water testing, and has QUV and Xenon Arc weathering capabilities to test for long-term exposure issues.


By testing our customer’s existing fenestration products, then re-testing the products using fenestration products recommended by Ultrafab’s applications engineering team, our customers are able to achieve the best possible performance for their windows and doors. In most cases, performance is increased by 25% or more.




By pre-testing, customers save time and money. Through the use of Ultrafab’s Test Lab, its customers get the help they need to get their product to the desired performance rating prior to spending money at certification test labs.

Ultrafab’s Test Lab supports a wide range of testing protocols and follows procedures and methods outlined by industry standards organizations, including: AAMA, ASTM, WDMA, and CWDMA.



Ultrafab's line of standard weatherseals are designed and manufactured to meet the
requirements of AAMA Specifications 701, or 702 where applicable.