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Premier manufacturer of pile and extruded weatherseal products for the window and door industry, and specialty brush and seal component parts for OEMs.

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Ultra Nylon

Can't get 3M Brushlon™­ product?

Ultra Nylon™

Nylon Filament, Bristle Seal Technology for Lasting Performance

Available in multiple density and height options.

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Flexible Dust Plug

Ultra Bend

The premium flexible dust plug offers superior performance, a close-fiber nonoriented design, an aggressive premium adhesive, and a 360º wrap sealing function.


The color-coded caps in the MXC3 Product Line allow research technicians to easily select and assemble the proper cap for each bottle in a bioreactor arrangement, resulting in guaranteed accuracy and quality in less time.

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Ultra Cell Microcellular Foam Seals

Ultra Cell® Micro-Cellular Foam Seals

Ultra Cell® MicroCellular Foam Seals feature new thermoplastic foam technology that provides consistent low closing forces and industry-leading compression set resistance, weatherability, and color stability.

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Test Lab Services

Ultrafab offers a value-added, state-of-the-art test lab service free-of-charge to our customers. Our test wall capability performs air resistance testing and simulates wind-driven rain to test air leakage and water penetration in a product.

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AAMA Pre-Test Guide
Window/Door Prototype Pretesting
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Easy to Insert

ULTRAFAB products are easier to insert than other weatherseals saving time and labor.


ULTRAFAB’s automated inserting systems are terrific productivity builders for fabricators or extruders.

Perfect Fit

ULTRAFAB weatherstripping products do not stretch, shrink or leave tails after insertion.

Avoid Waste

If you have out of tolerance T-slots, ULTRAFAB can supply most backing widths immediately to avoid waste.

Quick Response

ULTRAFAB will respond to assembly line changes quickly, to avoid lost production time.

Custom Design

ULTRAFAB’s expertise is available to custom design prototype products or configurations, including custom brush manufacturing and more.

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