Our Partners

We partner with distributors worldwide to extend the reach of our weatherseals beyond the States and surrounding regions into Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and more.

Tsuchiya TSCO

Tsuchiya TSCO utilizes Ultrafab's patented/proprietary manufacturing technology to produce pile weatherstrip for the fenestration market in Japan.

Tsuchiya TSCO, based in Chiryu-shi, is the market leader in pile weatherstripping in Japan. The strategic alliance allows Ultrafab technology to reach the markets in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malasia, South Korea, Thailand and the Phillapines.

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Tecseal utilizes Ultrafab's patented/proprietary manufacturing technology to produce pile weatherstrip and other related brush seals for sale to nearly sixty countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Tecseal, based in Castellar del Valles, Spain, is a market leader in Europe in pile weatherstripping as well as brush sealing applications for construction, furniture and vehicle applications.

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Central Plastics

Central Plastics is a partner with Ultrafab in UCx. The UCx product line is a complete line of high quality extruded thermoplastic elastomeric based weatherseals manufactured in Kansas and sold by Ultrafab in all markets served.

Central Plastics, a family owned company, was founded in 1968 and has over 170 full-time employees. It uses the latest technology for in-house design and development, extrudes a wide range of thermoplastic materials on over forty state-of-the-art extrusion lines and is ISO 9000 registered. Central Plastics is well established in a wide array of markets providing a broad range of rigid profiles, flexible profiles and coextruded profiles.

Lincoln Sentry

Lincoln Sentry is a market leader in the distribution of hardware and related component products to window and door manufacturers and the glazing industry. Lincoln Sentry operates a corporate headquarters in Brisbane, Australia and has numerous distribution centers strategically located in population centers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Lincoln Sentry distributes Ultrafab’s pile weatherseals in Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding islands.

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Collins Toker Agencies

Collins Toker Agencies stock, sell and distribute a number of components, including Ultrafab’s pile weatherseal products to window and door manufacturers in the Western Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Collins Toker Agencies headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, currently operates two warehouses in Kelowna, British Columbia and Winnipeg Manitoba. In addition to stocking standard weatherseal products, Collins Toker Agencies will continue to act as manufacturers’ representatives for Ultrafab for a variety of non-pile weatherseal products for window and door manufactures.

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