AAMA Testing / Compliance

AAMA 701/702-11

Voluntary Specification for Pile Weatherstripping and Replaceable Fenestration Weatherseals

Ultrafab proudly adheres to and exceeds all AAMA 701/702-11 specified requirements for Pile Weatherstripping and Replaceable Fenestration Weatherseals.

Ultrafab maintains a strong presence as an AAMA member for over 30 years and continues to play an evolutionary role in the continuous development of new voluntary standards and guidelines for the Fenestration industry.

Ultrafab products

All Ultrafab products adhere to and exceed AAMA Class A testing requirements.

All Ultrafab products meet the highest classification of testing requirements (Class A) as listed on the AAMA Verified Components Listing

Our Test Lab is AAMA accredited to perform all internal verification testing on weatherseals to include:

  • Compression set resistance testing to ensure maximum seal performance
  • All test samples submitted to extreme heat/cold temperatures
  • Test samples are submitted to accelerated weathering conditions to assure long field life and durable performance via Q-Panel QUV Test chamber
  • Finish and color fade evaluation via Xenon Arc Chamber testing

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