Extruder Backing Options

Ultrafab offers a wide variety of custom backing options to assist extruders with specific problems relating to inline insertion.

What are the potential insertion issues at point of extrusion?

The primary issue when attempting to insert weatherstripping inline with an extrusion system is slippage. When full length extrusions are cut to length, slippage can result in cut ends where the weatherstrip has slid from the end back into the T channel resulting in:

  • Extrusion profile ends without weatherstripping requiring saw cut
  • Rework, lost time and efficiency
  • Reclaim of the vinyl, scrap

What are the potential insertion issues at point of fabrication?

Slippage not seen at the insertion of Weatherstrip during the extrusion processes CAN carry over to fabrication. If potential slippage is not found at extrusion, when lineals are cut to length for fabrication, the square area of contact within the T channel is reduced. During handling, the Weatherstrip can move, resulting in:

  • Exposed Weatherstrip during weld operations
  • Gaps in finished assemblies where the Weatherstrip is absent in the T channel, causing a potential leak path
  • Expensive rework
  • Stretching during pre-insertion may result in “snap back” of weatherstripping. Ultrafab custom backing options can reduce or completely eliminate this issue!
  • Pile can be removed from T-slot for Vinyl recycling as permanent staking is NOT required.

Ultrafab’s multiple backing options results in a range of products to choose from to eliminate your insertion issues and improve your overall extrusion operations:


  • For use in tough T-slots with maximum locking capability
  • Seamless splices reduce downtime and increases process efficiency
  • Rigid backing resists stretching and breaking
  • Dimensionally stable for consistent holding power in every foot.
  • Ultrafab’s unique ultrasonic welding process assembles the fin, fibers and backing into an integrated, unified assembly that allows for strong continuous assembly

Product can be easily removed from cut off and scrap pieces to allow for easier recycling of PVC without pile contamination.

Size Options:

  • Size .270”w, .255”w, .187”w, .184″w & .180”w
  • All can be inserted with Ultrafab’s insertion equipment

Ultra-Fill® (patent # 5,438,802)

Ultra-Fill® Is the Ultra-Pro® backing configuration with a semi-rigid material added to the backing to increase friction once pile is inserted into the profile. This high friction material aggressively eliminates movement of the pile during window processing.

  • Eliminates slippage in T channel extruded profiles by encompassing an adhesive base that will not adversely affect fenestration application processing or functionality.
  • A variety of backing options are available with adhesive styles to fit your specific T channel dimension.
  • Backing options are available in STANDARD (i.e. flat base) or Ultra Pro® (U shaped base) versions to fit perfectly into a diverse range of T channels.

Size Options:

    • Ultra Pro® w/ Ultra-Fill® option available in sizes .270”w, .255”w, .187”w & .180”w
    • Standard (flat base) w/ Ultra-Fill® option available in sizes .270”w, .250”w, .187”w

All can be inserted with Ultrafab’s insertion equipment

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