Ucx Bulb Seal Properties

Thermoplastic Vulcanizates: Education

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPV’s) are a class of polymers that behave similar to thermoset rubber but allow for thermoplastic processing which in turn, allows for much greater flexibility for manufacturing freedom. Greater allowance for manufacturing freedom in turn allows for greater design flexibility and custom options!

TPV’s allow for:

  • Design flexibility
  • Cost effective, yet high performance sealing solutions
  • Low or high surface coefficient of friction
  • Shock absorption
  • Chemical resistance and great temperature performance (specific material selection can yield high performance for both HIGH and COLD climate specific applications!)
  • Superior air/water sealing performance
  • Recyclability
  • Variety of custom profile shapes
  • Multiple color options

Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV’s) can be manipulated in a number of ways to achieve YOUR SPECIFIC SEALING REQUIREMENTS!!

  • Durometer (material hardness) selection of TPE durometer allows the freedom to create custom compression seals that meet a multitude of compression force requirements.
  • Wall thickness (profile seal design) can be modified to exact specification to increase/decrease compression characteristics.

Ultra Glide® Seals
Extremely low surface friction, this specially formulated TPV material is a great, low cost alternative to foam. It’s easy to clean; dust and dirt wipe off easily. Superior performance, select any base configuration, T-slot or Push-in.

T-slot Extruded Seals
High quality, UV stabilized TPV material offers excellent compression set resistance. Ultra Glide® formulation also available with standard and custom backing widths. Offset T-slots available.

Push-in Extruded Seals
High quality TPV material in a variety of shapes and sizes for kerf mounting or dart mounting in vinyl, pultruded, composite, aluminum or wood kerf retention slots.

Polypropylene Leaf Seals
Versatile, durable, high quality seals; excellent for sliding applications.

Flexible and Rigid PVC Seals
High quality, UV stabilized material with excellent weatherability and economical prices.

Meeting Your Needs

UCx™ Extruded Components are manufactured to meet or exceed your needs and expectations. Our high quality products offer:

  • Physical stability with unmatched adhesion between the TPV bulb & the polypropylene base
  • Excellent compression set resistance and low closing forces.
  • Excellent weatherability, UV resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Superior color consistency in 5 standard colors, Black, Brown, White, Tan, or Gray, or custom colors.
  • Positive retention in kerf-mounted applications.
  • Automation systems for easy bulb seal insertion.
  • Engineered Resins for extreme applications (severe weather, temperature, heat, humidity).


UCx™ integrates CAD-based technology with multi-axis EDM machining centers to develop high quality extrusion dies at reasonable prices. Dies are designed and manufactured for high quality tight tolerances, excellent processing properties and long life. Tooling is designed for efficient manufacturing which means more cost effective products for you.

Insertion Equipment

Ultrafab’s custom online extruder insertion equipment and fabricator insertion equipment can be fully utilized for both Pile Weatherseals and Extruded Profile bulb seals. Ask us to assist with customized equipment to meet your insertion requirements!


UCx™ has the ability to process a wide variety of materials with a wide range of physical, mechanical and chemical properties. We will work with you to produce a cost effective solution for your application requirements. Commonly used materials include:

  • Rigid PVC Exterior Grade for weatherability, impact resistance and long-term durability
  • Flexible PVC Exterior Grade for economical sealing, capping and coextruded applications
  • TPV’s (Thermoplastic Vulcanizates) for high performance sealing and retention
  • Polyolefins add rigidity to TPV and coextruded products
  • Filled Polyolefins for increased rigidity, high stress, high heat and superior chemical resistance

UcX Compression Seal Choices

Compression bulb and leaf seal gap coverage (Inch) .240″ to .625″
Standard Backing Widths
Inch .187 .200 .210 .229 .270 .310
(millimeter) (4.75) (5.08) (5.33) (5.82) (6.86) (7.87)
Custom Backing Options
Kerf Mount Dart, Snap and Compression fit options available
Offset Available in standard .187” and .270” backing widths. Custom design also available.
Standard Black, White, Grey, Beige, Brown
Durometer (Shore A)
Standard 55 shore A to 90 shore A (Custom durometers also available)

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