Pile Properties

Ultrafab is the industry leader in custom fenestration sealing systems for window and door products. Whether it is new construction, residential, replacement or commercial Weatherseals, Ultrafab is the industry innovator!

Weatherstrip Properties

Ultrafab Weatherstrip products are manufactured to the highest quality:

  • U.V. stabilized resins ensure extended field life when exposed to sunlight
  • Yarn denier weight control within +/-5%
  • Ultrasonic welding ensures that fiber, fin and backing materials are integrated into a single component
  • Pile directors allow for filaments to stand firmly upright, thus providing maximum compression sealing
  • Fins that can extend ABOVE the pile height to provide additional sealing performance
  • Compression set resistance of <10%


Market dynamics have changed. With increased focus on energy efficiency, thermal performance and government incentives, design and performance pressures will be greater than ever!

Ultrafab Design Assistance

  • Ultrafab works with our customers every day to provide the latest fenestration sealing technology combined with the best design services
  • Let our technical representatives provide solutions to your fenestration application sealing needs
  • Our use of AutoCAD and Inventor design software allows Ultrafab to closely assist our customers with their sealing requirements
  • New product design and prototyping is typical and allows for trial and error capabilities to speed up design and testing

Weatherstrip sealing technology is our CORE competency!

Ultrafab’s weatherstripping meets and exceeds all AAMA 701-11 testing requirements. Ultrafab pile Weatherstripping products offer the best in:

  • High performance pile Weatherstrip sealing characteristics with low coefficient frictional force
  • Multiple pile density options that allow for customization of seal design to meet compression requirements
  • Multiple fin options (non, single, dual and Tri) to optimize the performance of your fenestration application
  • Superior air/water sealing performance
  • Recyclability
  • Multiple color options

Vertical Integration of raw material components is key!

Ultrafab’s investment in vertical integration of KEY MATERIAL COMPONENTS have allowed us to maintain consistent supply and process control over critical manufacturing stages.

  • Ultrafab manufactures its own backing to assure exact dimensional tolerance and repeatability
  • Ultrafab manufactures its own yarns and filamentary materials tightly controlling additives and denier weights
  • Ensure that raw material outages are never a problem
  • Allows for maximum negotiation for raw material pricing

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