Multi-Hollow Bulb Seal Technology (Patent Pending)

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Today’s window and door designs demand a competitively priced seal with low closing forces and long term resiliency that will provide protection against short term and long term air and water infiltration.

Ultrafab, Inc., a global leader in innovative sealing solutions, introduces a new extruded weather sealing option that has been designed to meet or exceed the performance requirements for the most demanding applications. The multi hollow bulb (MHB) seal line utilizes the latest technology in thermal plastic elastomers, and offers both the low closing force of a hollow bulb seal and the long term resiliency of a foam filled seal. The new MHB seal line offers a price point between traditional hollow bulb seals and foam filled seals.

During the early stages of compression the MHB seal requires minimal force. At the later stages of compression the outer bulb makes contact with the inner bulb and closing forces build rapidly to provide excellent sealing pressure against the mating surface. This high level of sealing pressure is what makes the seal extremely effective against air and water infiltration.

The strategic placement of a bulb inside a bulb creates a multi – chambered structure when the bulb is in a compressed state (see figure 1). The three chambers that are created make for improved thermal and sound abatement properties over standard hollow bulb seals.

In cycle testing (5000 cycles) at a compression range of 30% the MHB seal lost the least amount of functional height, when compared to all other commonly used sealing options now on the market, including TPV and urethane foams.

MHB seals can be fine tuned for specific applications by adjusting the relationship between the inner and outer bulbs. Designers can “dial in” the preferred closing force and seal pressure created at final compression point.

All standard and custom shapes are available in a variety of colors, including white, black, tan or brown. Seals can also be produced with a low friction surface on the critical contact areas for sliding and tilting applications. The rigid or base portion of the seal can be manufactured with talc-filled materials to reduce stretching during insertion or expansion and contraction in demanding applications. Product is also heat weldable and fully recyclable.

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Posted on August 1, 2012

Categories: Extruded Seals

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