Ultrafab Introduces Hybrid Dust Plugs – Combine the performance of pile, extrusions and foam

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Ultrafab introduces a new line of dust plugs that are made from multiple materials to address complex sealing needs. Plugs are designed with a foam pad in one area of the plug where straight compression sealing is needed and with pile on another area of the plug where active sealing is needed and the surface being sealed against is moveable. The result is one dust plug that can be used in applications requiring both types of sealing needs.

Hybrid Dust Plugs from Ultrafab can be produced continuous on a reel, kiss cut for quick removal from a continuous backing material or cut to length and ready to install. Multiple adhesive options are available so that the plug can be used on a wide range of substrate materials. High performance 3M adhesives are utilized for the most demanding applications, foamed adhesives for vinyl surfaces and hot melt adhesive for wood surfaces.

Do not settle for an off the shelf standard dust plug when Ultrafab can design a custom Hybrid Dust Plug with multiple sealing capabilities for your specific needs that will improve the overall performance of today’s windows and doors.

Weatherseals are not ONE of the things we do…Weatherseals ARE what we do.

Call Ultrafab at 1 800 535 1050 or e-mail sales@ultrafab.com for more information.

Posted on September 1, 2012

Categories: Weatherseals

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