Ultrafab Expands Multi-Fin pile offering – introducing a patented Five Fin Option at Glass Build 2012.

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Ultrafab first introduced their patented Tri-Fin® product to the market in the year 2000. Earlier this year Ultrafab announced the capability to put the three fins in whatever configuration the customer wants, including all three fins buried within the pile. Triple Finned pile seals typically perform with a 25% reduction in air infiltration over standard center finned pile. Ultrafab’s Tri-Fin® with Ultra Soft Fins® is the logical choice for pile in high performance windows and doors, including those earmarked for sound abatement projects.

Ultrafab’s new Five Fin option is designed for truly extreme applications that require superior sound abatement performance as well as air and water infiltration reduction. A variety of samples will be on display at the Glass Build show in Las Vegas in September. This patented Five Fin product offering will feature the center fin and the two outside fins that Ultrafab’s traditional Tri-Fin® is known for as well as two additional fins spaced out within the pile fibers.

All Multi-Fin pile seals come in standard colors and a wide range of densities, heights and backing options. Product can be inserted during profile extrusion process or in cut to length profile lineals at the fabricator utilizing an Ultrafab provided pile insertion machine (PIM).

Having the capability to place multiple fins in a wide range of positions allows the window designer to work with Ultrafab to develop a multi- fin pile seal that optimizes the performance and aesthetics of the new or redesigned window or door.

Call 1 800 535 1050 or e-mail sales@ultrafab.com for more information.

Posted on September 6, 2012

Categories: Weatherseals

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