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FIVE FIN™ Weatherseals

Combines internal & external fins with a center fin all in one brush seal.

Additional fins = additional barriers for a tighter seal against the elements.

Can be used in either normal or acoustic applications which require superior performance.

TRI-FIN® Weatherseals

Ultrafab’s ultimate pile weatherseal for minimizing air and water infiltration

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ULTRA SOFT FIN® Weatherseals

ULTRA SOFT FIN® non-woven barrier protection provides an excellent seal for very low friction.

Ultrafab’s unique ultrasonic welding assembles the fin, fibers and backing into an integrated, unified assembly that won’t break apart during fabrication or while in use.


ULTRA FIN® Weatherseals

Finned Pile Weatherseals are an excellent product for all windows and doors, including patio doors. Product will reduce air and water infiltration. It will also effectively reduce noise from outside the home.

Available in transparent film only.

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Adhesive Back Weatherseals

We offer both finned and non-finned weatherstripping with an adhesive back option in the .270″ width only.

Available in transparent film only.

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