Five-Fin® Weatherseals

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Combines internal & external fins with a center fin all in one brush seal.

Additional fins = additional barriers for a tighter seal against the elements.

Can be used in either normal or acoustic applications which require superior performance.



Features & Benefits

  • Tests indicate at least a 20% reduction in air infiltration as compared to single center fin.
  • Five-Fin and Multi-Hollow bulb seal combinations tested as well as current acoustic seals in the market.
  • The Five-Fin construction helps reduce vibration which aids in the acoustical value.
  • No binding or breaking during insertion, which increases through-put and leads to reduced waste and lower costs.
  • Built in “pile directors” reduce compression set.
  • Covered under the AAMA 701-11 VCL testing standard.
  • All Five-Fin seals have silicone treated pile fibers to repel moisture.

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