Industrial Brush Seals

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Ultrafab industrial brush seals (or skirting seals) are designed to meet the demands of the most damaging high traffic industrial or commercial applications – whether they use extruded sealing or brush based elements. Our two popular industrial brushes include the Ultrafab® Q Series and Ultrafab® QD Series. These seals and sweeps provide you with the options you need to build a more efficient product at a reduced cycle time.


Quick Features

  • Skirting seals and overhead/industrial door skirting seals are designed for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications
  • Optional welded-on plastic tab eliminates the need for the aluminum mount
  • Square backed skirtings are ready to use with aluminum mounting

Ultrafab® Q Series

industrial brush seals

Square or diamond based strip brush

A totally robust seal that uses compacted fibers and Ultrafab’s unique pile directors to build an extremely durable, cost effective product. Our unique ultrasonic welding assembles the fin, fibers, and backing into an integrated, unified assembly that won’t break apart during fabrication or while in use.

Q Benefits

  • Guaranteed uniform pile height and backing widths due to unique non-woven manufacturing system
  • Compatible with mounting applications when welded to a polypropylene backing strip
  • Assures a tighter seal and barrier against air and water infiltration when pile seals use round yarns for optional structural integrity and consistency
  • Reduced dirt, water, and air infiltration with brush seals
  • Eliminate the need for metal backed products with diamond base skirt weatherseals configured to your specifications

Q Specs

  • Materials: standard polypropylene (fins optional), nylon backing or filaments with monofilaments or yarn options
  • Colors: black, white, gray, brown, beige

industrial brushes

Ultrafab® QD Series

Industrial or Commercial Sweeps and Seals

Eliminate the need for an aluminum extrusion with an integrated plastic mounting tab that provides full flexibility for ease of assembly and overall reduction in shipping costs.

QD Benefits

  • Easy mounting with available stamped holes or adhesive
  • See industrial brush seal advantages below for complete list

QD Specs

  • Materials: standard polypropylene, nylon backing or filaments with monofilaments or fin options
  • Colors: black, white, gray, brown, beige

industrial brushes diagram

Industrial Brush Seal Applications


  • Overhead retractable door seal
  • Industrial double door seal
  • Mass transit door sweeps
  • Industrial door sweeps
  • Hanger door seals
  • Shed door seal
  • Barn door seal


  • Luggage conveyor edge seal
  • Industrial conveyor edge seal
  • Escalator edge seal


  • Truck and trailer roll-up and over head doors

Industrial Brush Seal Advantages

Flexible Functionality

  • Customized sealing and endurance available when fin, yarn, and monofilament are combined or used individually
  • Maximized possible seal configurations when seal is welded directly to backing
  • Easy-to-penetrate mounting tab by standard screw, no pre-punched holes required
  • Tab welded skirting can bed along a radius for a complete seal
  • Unrestricted shipping length when shipped on a roll


  • Decreased friction and interference when fin is cut below media surface
  • Prevents dirt, water, and air infiltration with high density seals
  • Increased environmental sealing with available solid fin


  • Maximized resistance to compression when regular fibers are mixed with extra durable monofilaments
  • Long-term resistance and resiliency to environmental elements with added fins
  • Maximized resistance to compression with yarn and monofilament hybrid
  • Each fiber individually welded to the backing to eliminate pull-out
  • Chemical resistant, non-corrosion

Industrial Brush Seal Specs

  • Up to 250ft can be conveniently transported and stored on a 17” diameter 26” x 26” reel
  • Polypropylene backing strip can be easily screwed or drilled through for mounting
  • Various fin thicknesses and configurations available depending on application
  • Seal height customizable from 0.25” to 1.90”
  • Welded mounting tab of 0.850” or 1.125”
  • Media color options: black, white, grey
  • Backing color options: black, white
  • Customizable sealing media
  • Square backed brush seal
  • All plastic

Ready to Get Started?

Let us help design your seal. We will work with your team on-site to design a seal that meets the application requirements. Contact us so we can provide your best-fit solution.

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