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Roll Shutters, Shades, and Overhead Door Applications

Roll shutterRetractable shade products, as well as security coverings for windows and doors have similar operating functions that require proper seals.

The mitigation of light and air, reduction of dust, and the dampening of sound and vibration are needed for proper operation.

Applications of this type have moving parts in which seals ensure function and maximize the longevity of the product.

Superior Seals For Retractable Shade Products

Mechanical Seal

Mechanical Seal

Standard or monofilament brushes are essential in the mechanics of a roll screen or shutter. Our brushes further reduce debris and vibrations and forces alignment when the mechanics are engaged.

Base Seal

Base Seal

Our extruded UltraCell™ foam bulb is our best overall performing seal. Its high compression set resistance, weatherability and color stability lend itself well for a bottom/compression seal application.

Side / Track Seal

Side / Track Seal

Using our Angle Pile™ as a side/track seal will keep the screen/shutter in track and effectively reduce dust, sunlight, and noise.


UltraTech® unique self-supporting pile with built-in “pile directors” improves resiliency and reduces compression set.

Let us help you with your retractable window and door sealing needs.

For over 50 years, Ultrafab Inc. has provided standard and custom designed brush and bulb seal types and weatherstripping to the shade, light abatement, and security industries.

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