Kerf Mounted Pile Weatherseals

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Flexible, versatile pile on a kerf-mount base. Has the ability to conform to a wide range of gaps (if the gap becomes very tight at some point this is a good product to use). Perfect for retention slot, recessed groove applications, compression and casement seal locations. Product can also be used in sliding applications. Color: Black

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  • Pile heights from .130″ to .750″
  • Pile height and backing width are always uniform because of Ultrafab’s unique non-woven manufacturing systems
  • Co-extruded options for easy insertion and are designed to hold screen material in place
  • Available in all standard pile colors
  • Custom profiles available
  • Ultrafab’s unique ultrasonic welding assembles the fin, fibers and backing into an integrated, unified assembly that won’t break apart during fabrication or while in use
  • Available in all Ultrafab pile types: Ultra Pile®, Ultra Fin®, Tri-Fin®, Soft Touch Fin® and Ultra-Reach Fin
  • Cut to length or reeled

Examples of Kerf Mounted Pile Weatherstripping















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