ULTRA PILE® Weatherseals

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Same construction as our finned product, but minus the fin, which results in a lower cost alternative. Product is used in some windows and doors, but is used the most in screens, combination windows and storm doors.

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  • Self-supporting pile, with built in ‘pile directors’, improves resiliency and reduces compression set
  • Solid polypropylene backing inserts more easily, saving time and reducing waste
  • Pile height and backing width are always uniform because of Ultrafab’s unique non-woven manufacturing systems
  • Ultra Pile® weatherseals have a structural integrity and consistency which assures a tight seal against air and water infiltration
  • No possibility of off-center pile that binds, breaks or stretches in an extrusion
  • Ultrafab’s unique ultrasonic welding assembles the fibers and backing into an integrated, unified assembly that won’t break apart during fabrication or while in use
  • Need a fin? Ask about Ultra Fin®, Ultra Soft Fin® or Tri-Fin®

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Custom designs offer flexibility in meeting unique sealing requirements
  • Seal integrity around corner radiuses is maintained for multiple glass thicknesses
  • Sealing system helps offset weight issues associated with insulated glass units
  • Adhesive-free fiber attachment maximizes seal life even under weight stress
  • 100% Recyclable

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