Textile-Based Yarns & Monofilaments

piles and yarn

Piles and Yarns

Can be made from a wide range of materials
(Thermoset and Thermoplastic)
Piles typically used in applications that require a soft fiber that can adjust to irregularities on the sealing surfaces at a low closing force
Excellent in sliding applications.


Individually extruded filaments made from thermoset and and thermoplastic materials
Monofilaments are typically used in applications that require a more resistant sealing member with a higher closing force and compression set resistance.
Sizes Ultrafab uses range from .004″ to .016″

Commonly Available Materials


General Specifications of Polypropylene:

  • Medium melting point (320° F)
  • Generally less expensive than Nylon
  • Excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, oil and grease
  • Lower bend recovery and compression resistance than Nylon
  • Lower flex fatigue and abrasion resistance than Nylon


General Specifications of Nylon:

  • Offers premium bend recovery and compression resistance
  • Flex fatigue and abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to alkalis, oil and grease
  • Excellent resistance to mildew – premium Nylons work well in heavy moisture conditions
  • Superior UV stability (untreated) compare to UV stabilized Polypropylene
  • Higher melting point than Polypropylene (450° F)
  • Generally more expensive than Polypropylene
  • Poor resistance to acids

Specific fiber materials are available upon request.

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