ULTRA LOC® Lock-In-Place

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The backing that won’t shift or slide once inserted.

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  • Solid polypropylene backing inserts more easily, saving time and reducing waste
  • ULTRA LOC® backing has a continuous series of tabs on each side of the backing which align and hold the backing in place
  • ULTRA LOC® is available in two versions, S7 which has a .015″ tab or S9 which has a .025″ tab for added holding power
  • No possibility of off-center pile that binds, breaks or stretches in an extrusion
  • ULTRA LOC® is designed to be inserted by hand or by an automated process using Ultrafab’s patented pile insertion machine
ULTRA LOC® Weatherseal Choices
Pile Heights Inch
.130″ to .500″
3.30mm to 12.70mm
Pile Densities Light, Medium, High or Very High
Standard Backing Widths Inch
.187″ | .200″ | .210″ | .229″ | .270″| .310″
4.75mm | 5.08mm | 5.33mm | 5.82mm | 6.86mm | 7.87mm
Backing Options Ultra-Loc® S7 – All standard backing widths except .229″; Max pile height .500″
S9 – All standard backing widths including .229″; Max pile height .500″
Colors Standard Black, White, Grey, Beige, Brown

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