Custom Extruded Profiles and Seals

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Custom designed tooling is the norm, not the exception. We offer custom extruded seals in multiple profiles and shapes with a wide variety of material configurations. Custom extruded seals designed for your application increase your application’s long-term performance and better support your design.


Custom extruded components can be manufactured in multiple shapes and sizes to fit any application. Additional features include, but not limited to:

  • Custom and standard designed profiles
  • Low friction polyethylene fabric wrap
  • Slip coat additive provide reduced friction
  • Rigid and flexible extruded seals
  • Integrated magnetic strip for added sealing performance
  • Multiple kerf mounting configuration
  • Design specific plastic extrusion profiles utilizing multi durometer technology
  • Thermoplastic and Thermoset compounds available
  • Co-extruded technology for various materials with multiple mechanical properties to be combined on the same component to meet extremely diverse application needs
  • Integrated with brush technology to provide added value
  • Five standard colors, custom colors available

Profiles available:

  • T-slot
  • Kerf Mounted Profiles
  • Leaf Seals
  • Multi-Hollow Bulb Seals
  • Custom profiles available upon request

Benefits of Custom Extrusion:

There are multiple benefits to designing a custom extruded seal for your window or door application. Some benefits for fenestration solutions include:

  • Extra compression, proper adhesion, and physical stability for windows and doors
  • Improved compression set resistance
  • Bolstered stability
  • Reduced friction for sliding applications
  • Reduced loss of functional height


  • Compression seals for cabinet enclosures
  • Low friction gap seals
  • Edge trim seal

Materials available

  • Polyethylene film
  • TPV
  • Flexible & rigid PV

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