ULTRA CELL® Micro-Cellular Foam Seals

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Ultrafab is proud to introduce our ULTRA CELL® MicroCellular Foam Seals that feature new technology that offers better overall performance than any other weatherseal. This innovative product from the Ultrafab team leads the industry in compression set resistance, weatherability, and color stability. The thermoplastic foamed interior of the seal also provides consistent low closing forces that can be tailored to your application needs.



ULTRA CELL® Micro-Cellular Foam Seals Sell Sheet

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Key Advantages

  • Microcellular foam reduces noise and eliminates dust, water, and air movement
  • Excellent compression set resistance for minimal loss of functional height over time
  • Consistent and predictable low closing forces
  • UV stabilized materials for long-term weatherability and color stability
  • Fully heat-weldable
  • Ability to wrap a 90º corner
  • Suitable for use in all climates; will not absorb water

Product Features and Benefits

Benefits of Product Materials

The ULTRA CELL® Microcellular Foam Seals are made from costeffective, high performance materials that are specially formulated to effectively reduce noise and eliminate dust, water, and air movement. All materials are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Excellent Long-Term Mechanical Properties

The excellent compression set resistance and reliable low closing forces will last the lifetime of the fenestration product.

Easily Inserted and Welded

The exposed TPV  barbs allow for ease of insertion and keep the seal in place. The product is fully heat-weldable and can be welded after insertion into a rigid profile in many applications. The product can also wrap a 90º corner, allowing only one seam that can be strategically positioned. The product is slip coated for sliding applications.

Product Details

Materials: Micro Cellular Foam – Specially formulated Thermoplastic Vulcanizates

Stiffner (kerf) – PP (polypropylene and Thermoplastic Vulcanizates)

Standard Color Options: White, Tan, Black and Clay

Custom Colors: Available based on volume

Standard Profiles: Full product line being developed throughout next six months

Custom Profiles: Available based on volume

Packaging: Product can be reeled or cut to length


















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