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Gold Series Weatherseals

For severe and extreme weather conditions including direct sunlight, coastal exposures, high humidity and snow belt northern exposures. In the past, only grey and black could be used in the most demanding applications. Gold Series allows the use of white or grey pile. Available in ULTRA SOFT FIN® and clear ULTRA FIN®.   Also, it is available in all standard colors, white, black, grey, & beige.

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Industrial Brush Seals

Ultrafab industrial brush seals (or skirting seals) are designed to meet the demands of the most damaging high traffic industrial or commercial applications – whether they use extruded sealing or brush based elements. Our two popular industrial brushes include the Ultrafab® Q Series and Ultrafab® QD Series. These seals and sweeps provide you with the options you need to build a more efficient product at a reduced cycle time.

Custom Brush Seals

Ultrafab offers an endless list of filament options to choose from, we can design custom brush seals that can be a passive or active component in a separation process. Based on stiffness of filaments, lighter weight option will not advance where heavy items will.

From custom door seals to other applications, we can design seals specifically for elimination and reduction of airborne contaminants to control a processing system or to protect inner workings of equipment.

Eliminate vibration damage and noise with custom designed brush’s by Ultrafab that are easily incorporated into OEM applications of all types.

ULTRA PLUG® Weatherseals

Ultrafab’s ultimate air and water pile seal.


Kerf Mounted Pile Weatherseals

Flexible, versatile pile on a kerf-mount base. Has the ability to conform to a wide range of gaps (if the gap becomes very tight at some point this is a good product to use). Perfect for retention slot, recessed groove applications, compression and casement seal locations. Product can also be used in sliding applications. Color: Black

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ULTRA REACH® Weatherseals

Ultra long angled fin weatherseals provides an excellent seal.

Ultrafab’s unique ultrasonic welding assembles the fin, fibers and backing into an integrated, unified assembly that won’t break apart during fabrication or while in use.

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ULTRA PILE® Weatherseals

Same construction as our finned product, but minus the fin, which results in a lower cost alternative. Product is used in some windows and doors, but is used the most in screens, combination windows and storm doors.

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Specially formulated for low friction applications

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Multi-Hollow Bulb Seals

Today’s window and door designs demand a competitively priced seal with low closing forces and long term resiliency that will provide protection against short term and long term air and water infiltration.

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