Vibrating Feeder Bowls

Are you having a hard time getting 3M Brushlon™ product?

Vibrating Feeder Bowls

UltraFab has the answer with our Ultra Nylon™ bristle seal technology.

Product Features:

  • Multiple density and height options
  • Mitigates static
  • Available with adhesive backing
  • Die cut, counter sunk hole, or through holes offered
  • Cut to length

Line your feeder bowl with Ultra Nylon Brush to protect bulk parts. It is a friction resistant material and will move parts down the inline track in the correct orientation for pick up.

Ultra Nylon
Ultra Nylon

Let us help you with Ultra Nylon™

For over 50 years, Ultrafab Inc. has provided standard and custom designed brush and seal styles for the vibrating feeder bowl industry.

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